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 Mode of Transportation 

Our go to vehicle is the Ford Transit 250 High Roof Extended Wheel Base model. It has a 13ft length of cargo space, cargo ceilings at 6.7ft and cargo width at 5.8ft. This equivalent to 450 cu.ft of volume with 35000lbs of pay load weight. 

It means we can carry up to 5 stacked 6ft skids, or or large one bedroom apartment in one trip.   
This vehicle is versatile in large cities, easy to navigate and park in tight spaces. It has two exits points, the side door and the back door, making it easy to offload quickly in tight spaces.
off loading. ramps in snow.jpg
Washer & Dryer

 Extra Features at No Extra Cost 

We Our truck is fully equipped with multiple dollies. These dollies help us navigate large and heavy items, stacked boxes - on ramps, or elevator use. We designed & built shelving to accommodate our blankets, rollouts, straps, wrap, tape, tool bag, first aid kit and other essentials to assists us with a smooth delivery & move.   
Before moving off, our norm is to make sure that your items are protected. Not every item can be blanket or strapped, but we will protect your items like if it was ours. 
We modified the interior with wooden and carpet floors. This helps us protect your items, but it also helps us to maintain a clean and organized space. 
Our custom made ramps is a win win solution. We save you time on upload and offload. But it also helps our backs by avoiding a step up. Our ramps can carry up to 600lbs, they are made of steel and wood. 
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